Author Topic: Printing bleed on home printer  (Read 1550 times)


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Printing bleed on home printer
« on: July 17, 2014, 08:26:57 am »
I have had issues with a PDF in the past (created with InDesign CC) as well as now (recreated with Scribus 1.4.4). I think it's a printer issue, not a program issue. But I read some cheats for ways around this - the article mentioned other programs, though. Before I waste my time fiddling around with suggestions from that article which may be irrelevant... can anyone tell me if it's possible to print your bleed on a home printer? Perhaps by lying about dimensions? One time I printed the thing on legal paper instead of 8.5x11 and just manually cropped it with a paper cutter. But, while that adjusted the paper fine length-wise, the only way to make my bleed work on the left of my paper was to crop that and then it would no longer be an 8.5x11 sheet of paper (it would be too narrow). Am I making sense?

The PDF looks fine. But when I go to print (tried this on more than one color printer) it automatically leaves that white edge instead of allowing color to go to edge.

Should I just stop making designs with bleeds? Lol