Scribus 1.5.0 for x86_64 MacOS [WORKS FOR ME]

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Hi all,

I wanted to try some nice features from the 1.5 version on Mac and decided I'll give a try on going from scratch, directly from the svn factory. Firstly, I got it done ! (yeah). I wanted to update the wiki speaking of the compilation issues, but I'm not sure if an anonymous can do so. Therefore, I give here my recipe which worked on my old 2010 Mac Book Pro laptop, OS X 10.9 (13A603):

1/ did what was said here, using "port" package manager, but it wasn't enough,

2/ got QT5 package from QT download page : qt-opensource-mac-x64-clang-5.2.1.dmg and installed it in my user account (the directory can be anywhere, I put it in my own directory)

3/ needed to specify to the cmake build system where the cmake files for QT5 are. You do this by prepending the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH in the environment using the export command.

4/ added the -DQT_PREFIX=/Users/<username>/<your_QT_path>/5.x.x/clang_64 to inform the cmake where the includes, tools and soforth are.

5/ make -j <number of cores used> to produce the objects. It takes some time to complete.

6/ install all this in the directory where you build from: make install to get the whole distribution in the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH you mentionned in the cmake command.

7/ "cd" in the install path/Contents/MacOS/ and launch ./Scribus to run the software

Compilation Mention at the startup :

Enjoy !


Yann, could you supply the full set of commands that you used please?

I'm a little confused by what you've written but I might be able to figure it out from what you actually used.

Thanks, Garry.



Sorry for the vaporware I produced...
I didn't write the exact process down in a text file like I use to do when at work, in order to avoid rediscovering things and bang my head on a wall. I'll try to repeat this time more clearly.

step 1/ get all the dependencies from MacPorts, I followed the URL given. For the commands one might use for this.
- Open a unix terminal on your mac
- Check the list of deps by checking one by one:
port installed | grep <the dependency>
- If one is missing, do like they say at the URL:
sudo port install <the dependency> (eg. for cairo: sudo port install cairo)
- get the scribus 1.5.0 sources with svn like the process described in the URL
svn co ....

step 2/ the issue I went into while reading the installation was that it was dedicated to QT4. I found also a brew attempt to solve the QT5 deps but since I'm not using brew, I didn't want to get through a painful process of changing my package manager. Therefore, I went on the QT website and grabbed the .dmg I mentionned I installed in my user's dir. This is a GUI process, clicking here and there to get the whole QT5 distribution setup on the machine.

step 3/ scribus uses the cmake build tools, which builds dependency trees to establish needs and job to get done. This step is to be done in the terminal. The cmake build system checks for cmake files all around to check for includes, for libraries, and soforth. We need to give cmake some input to grab the  QT5 references :
export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH:<your_path_to_QT5>/lib/cmake

step 4/ QT_PREFIX is to inform scribus where the tools, include and lib are as well, but as a define for the cmake. I didn't go in the sources to see what this was activating, but adding the -DQT_PREFIX to the cmake line is mandatory to make it work.
in your cmake line to build scribus:

cmake DQT_PREFIX=/Users/yann/Software/Qt-5.2.1/5.2.1/clang_64/ -DBUILD_OSX_BUNDLE=1 -DWANT_CAIRO=1 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/Users/yann/Applications/Scribus.App/Contents/ ../trunk/Scribus/

step 5/ after the cmake is completed, the machine needs to produce the object files which will integrate the binary. make -j builds the software allowing to parallelize the compilation according to the number of cores you specify. Then install the software at the place specified in your cmake line.
make -j <nb cores> && make install

step 6/ get into the directory where the binary is, still in your terminal :
cd <the-dir-you-specified in your cmake line>
./Scribus (no options)

and woooop, it opens the splash-screen and goes on...
Hopes it helps someone,


Yann, thanks for going into much more detail.

I'll give this a try when I get some time - I miss not having 1.5.0 to play around with the new stuff.

When I managed to compile it the first time - pre-Mavericks - I think it was by pure luck more than skill so I think I'll need to get back to basics and try and do it properly using your instructions. Just re-doing what I did before doesn't work anymore which is why I asked if you could explain more.

If I manage to get it all done I might have a look at changing the wiki page to bring it up-to-date with current technology. The more people that can compile 1.5.0 the more people that can test it.

Cheers, Garry.


Thanks to you guys for making this product come to life (+ the support) !

I'm trying to nail the last issue I have with the libmspub, like I report in another thread.
I'll push the whole solution if I succeed !
Thanks to Scribus guys !

Cheers Garry,