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On both W32 and W64 versions Extras>manage images is greyed out.
Or does it manage only non-vector images?

If so, what *does* manage vector images?
i.e. list or inventory



It gets enabled as soon as there's an image in your publication.

Try that and see for yourself what it does, coz it's a long explanation




No, it doesn't seem to manage .eps images (whatever 'manage' means).
What I'm looking for is a little inventory of imported (linked) .eps files in the document, pref. with page number.
Very handy for very large documents with lots of images.



hi alan

Quote from: abonds on February 11, 2014, 05:21:14 AM...it doesn't seem to manage .eps images ...

in 'extras' → 'manage images' scribus lists all linked images and let you do some manipulations.
for your .eps files it depends on the way you place them.

  • if you link the files (in image frames)  they'll be listed (but you need to check the box: 'embed pdf and eps files' in the pdf output dialog. otherwise the files will be rendered...)
  • if you import them ('file' → 'import' → 'get vector file') they will be part of the .sla file – and as grouped vector elements, they aren't treated as images any more...
btw. don't open more than one thread for the same problem!



Alan, here's an alternative...

Imported SVGs are, by default, named "svg<id>", image frames are "Image<id>". EPS - imported, not placed in an image frame - can be either "Polygon<id>" or "Group<id>" depending on how they're constructed.

So, for example, to see all SVGs open the "Windows -> Outline" dialog and type "svg" into the filter box. You'll now be able to see where all the SVGs are. You can do a similar thing for other types of objects. (Double-clicking on an object goes to that object.)

Or, if you need to manage stuff more proactively - as you might want to do with long documents - you can manually name things when you import them using the "Properties / X,Y,Z / Name" field. Then you can find them even more easily using the same "Windows -> Outline" dialog.

E.g. All vector art - whether it's an SVG or EPS - in or out of an image frame - could be renamed "Vector<id>". Or you could rename all graphs showing test results as "TestResultGraph<id>". Or whatever naming convention is best for you.

Of course you'd have to keep a record of some kind of the last <id> used - Scribus doesn't allow duplicates - but a simple tally counter on a scrap of paper will probably do the job quite well.

I know the above is not ideal but it works.

Manual renaming might sound like a pain but it can be really useful in complicated documents if used properly. And you only need to rename the stuff you want to manage; the rest can simply be ignored.