how liberating it is to work in scribus with pdf format

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Raymond McInnis

i am using scribus as a means of creating a mock-up of two books that i am writing, one a scaled-down version of the 1st, larger one.  after discovering scribus as a package to use for creating a mock-up, i soon discovered that, using it, you can also do on-the-spot composing, which for me was liberating, because the standard, 8-1/2-x-11 in typescript format was just not working

yesterday, on this forum, i asked a question about how to print out pages in scribus but with avoidance of the printing process of my hp office jet.

wisely, i was put onto the pdf route.

youser, youser! this change-over was, without exaggeration, "life-changing", as now i find myself working in a combination of scribus/pdf, and am able to see vast improvement in the ease with which i can do copy-editing of my mss.

many thanks for the advice