Non breaking space with Bitstream Vera Serif Font

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With Bitstream Vera Serif [Roman] a non breaking space shows on the screen as a double blank with no control character (red circle). Common fonts like Arial show a single space with the control character.

The .sla file shows <nbspace/> whatever the font:
            <ITEXT FONT="Bitstream Vera Serif Roman" CH="spaces"/>
            <ITEXT FONT="Bitstream Vera Serif Roman" CH="!"/>

Inserting glyph 0A00 also produces <nbspace/>.

The pdf (1.5) shows a double blank space on an office printer (same as on the screen), but a professional printout for an exhibition showed character  Ì  (unicode 0x00CC) followed by a space. I was told the workaround was to collapse the layers of the pdf, but that gave double spaces. I can't experiment much, at 20 euros a go!

I want to keep Bitstream Vera Serif, which has some specific advantages. Unbreakable spaces are particularly important in languages like French because they're required before "tall" punctuation marks (see above).

There seems to be a difficulty with both the screen and pdf renditions of <nbspace/> with this font. I'd like to know whether there's a workaround.


Scribus 1.4.2 in English or French, on Windows 8 professional with French configuration.

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