PDF import into a scribus Master page

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Have a question about importing a PDF into a Scribus master page.
I have created a master page that we are using as a booklet page which has a 3/4" header and footer with and image inside. It is an 8.5"X11" page with a 7 3/4" X 10" blank work area.
Question is: if I crop the original PDF image in Gimp and then export the image as a PDF file, then import the cropped file into my scribus master page in an Image Box and then export the scribus file as a PDF, will the original cropped PDF image contain all the parameters that were in the original PDF??
Thank you.


Dave, I'm confused as to why you'd be cropping the PDF in GIMP (I didn't know it could do that) and then importing it into Scribus.

Can't you just put the PDF into an image frame and do whatever cropping you want to do there?

If you put the PDF into Scribus it should look just the same as the original (except you might have some colourspace issues if you embed the original PDF in the output PDF).

Apologies if I've got the wrong end of the stick here.