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Beginner Talk / Re: Making a book with PDF mus...
Last post by Nermander - May 02, 2024, 04:47:51 PM
Quote from: santiclear on April 29, 2024, 11:18:15 PMWhat am I doing wrong?

If I am not wrong, a PDF can be added to a Scribus document in different ways. Did you try to import the PDF into an image frame?

Because I think otherwise the contents of the PDF is imported as individual objects.

But I am not sure if importing it to an image frame causes it to be rasterized.
Beginner Talk / Re: Making a book with PDF mus...
Last post by Aleks100 - May 01, 2024, 03:30:57 PM
Pdf is container for everything (and anything).
Have you tried to export in svg format, or even png in high resolution - grayscale 450dpi for example?
Beginner Talk / Re: Making a book with PDF mus...
Last post by santiclear - May 01, 2024, 02:04:49 AM
I wrote all the lyrics in MuseScore so that I would'nt have to do more editing in a separate program. One of the basic principles behind it was 1 page = 1 (or more) songs, sometimes 1 spread = 1 song. No page turning during performances. All those files have been written in a couple of years (which means that it would be quite time consuming to remove and then rewrite and redo the layout for all the lyrics), and were used and printed individually.

All I really wanted to do was put together the individual sheets, combine 2 or 3 songs on the same page where this is possible, number them and add introductions and indexes.
Installation and Setup / Scribus 1.6.1 high CPU and fre...
Last post by Lemuria - May 01, 2024, 12:28:51 AM
As it says in the title. When I right click in Scribus, it freezes and becomes unresponsive, and when I open `btop` (or htop) I see it use up 100% of the CPU.

I'm using the Scribus AppImage, and attempts to reproduce this on the Flatpak do not cause this freezing. Of note is that at this point Scribus has been running for around three-ish hours.
Beginner Talk / Re: Making a book with PDF mus...
Last post by PatJr - April 30, 2024, 04:38:57 PM
it looks to me like everything gets put into a separate frame and the musical notes are combinations of characters
preserving the text in an editable, searchable form looks like it will be very very difficult and time-consuming

idea, import the music parts as vectors and the cut and past from your MuseScore program for the text?
Beginner Talk / Re: Making a book with PDF mus...
Last post by santiclear - April 30, 2024, 12:12:17 AM
MuseScore supports export in PDF, SVG, PNG, MusicXML and MEI. However, MusicXML, while XML based is more of an interchange format for interoperability with other music notation software, and is not quite reliable in layout preservation.
Beginner Talk / Re: Making a book with PDF mus...
Last post by AdmFubar - April 29, 2024, 11:59:35 PM
Can Music Score export in other formats? Like HTML perhaps?
Beginner Talk / Making a book with PDF music a...
Last post by santiclear - April 29, 2024, 11:18:15 PM
Hello everybody,

I'm quite new here. I was an occasional Adobe InDesign user (on shared hardware I had access to), but for a variety of reasons, including future-proofing my work, I decided to switch to open source.
I am working on a 200-page songbook, using as source material PDFs exported with MuseScore: I would like to add numbering to the individual songs, blank pages, occasional images, occasionally put the content of multiple PDFs on the same page, introductory pages, indexes etc. Basically I'd like to create a book with all the music I've put together.

Last year, while still using InDesing, I made the first attached file - and achieved it with this InDesign workflow:
  • Placed/linked (doesn't matter which) individual PDFs (approx. 40-60 kb for each page)
  • In the master page added a second layer on top of the existing one, with song/page numbers
  • Added the pages containing text
  • Added vector graphics to the first and last page
  • Exported the final PDF, which has searchable text in all pages, including those containing the MuseScore generated  PDFs (size: 1.5 Mb, including all cover graphics, see attachment)

I tried to do the same in Scribus 1.6.1 on Windows 10, beginning with just 15 pages/15 MuseScore-generated PDFs (40-60 Kb each, I attached a sample of one of them), but:
  • I had to import the PDFs as vector graphics - if I try to import as text, Scribus wouldn't show neither the music nor the text, despite me having both the Edwin (text) and Leland (music) OTF fonts which Musescore uses installed systemwide (Libreoffice sees them and uses them normally). Scribus got a bit lagging, switched the "Background" layer with the PDFs to outline view to speed things up.
  • I did the numbering using the scrapbook feature on a different layer (numbering will be more complex than 1-2-3-4-5 ecc.) - figured it out with no problems.
  • Saved the file - the *.sla is 33 Mb in size :o
  • Exported a PDF - it turned out a 141 Mb behemot :o , with no searchable text.

What am I doing wrong?
Text and Typography / Re: Insetring an ancient greek...
Last post by utnik - April 29, 2024, 05:53:46 PM
hi pierruel

what exactly is your problem?
you may need a special character style for the greek part. otherwise it should just work...

Text and Typography / Insetring an ancient greek sen...
Last post by pierruel - April 29, 2024, 05:43:48 PM
Good evening,
I have to introduce in a Scribus document the following "mixed" sentence:
C'est bien, persévère, μουσικὴν ποίει καὶ ἐργάζου, comme le songe disait à Socrate.
It is good, persevere, μουσικὴν ποίει καὶ ἐργάζου, as the dream said to Socrates.

Is it possible to introduce such a greek quote into a "latin" text ?
How should it be done ?
Thank you in advance.
Best regards