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I'm sorry I don't know what the english word is for this kind of layout, but I'd like to display all the pages of the same document, side by side, so I can see the whole document on one screen, like on these examples I've found on the web for other programs.

Is it possible - and how - with Scribus? Or can I only see two pages side by side, having to scroll up and down to browse and look at the whole document?

Thanks for your answer.

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hi tosca

afaik this is not a display option of current scribus versions.
if you need it, you should file a feature request on bugs.scribus.net.



Thanks for your answer.
I've opened a feature request here : 11571


As a very basic work-around, in the short-term, you could try lowering the zoom to 10/20% and putting the Preview Mode on.

This isn't exactly what you want but it gives a reasonable overview of the document with less scrolling. It's not ideal but it's better than nothing.


That's what I've been doing from the beginning...
But when you have many pages (96 in my last photo book), you can only 'see' a small part of the whole document.

And on the other hand, I use a quite wide screen, and all the room on the right side is left unused (I work on a dual-screen system, so all the tools windows are usually displayed on the other screen)


If your OS supports the preview of image files in a folder you could try "File -> Export -> Save as Image...".

Select a folder to export to and Scribus will export each page to a separate image. You can then use the view options in your OS folder view to display the images how you want.

Again it's not ideal but, on OSX at least, it looks okay as a general overview.

Then just delete the "preview folder" when you're finished with it.


Thanks for the idea.
It could be useful when one want to check from time to time, and almost any images viewer allows to display images thumbnails side by side.

But it's not an ideal procedure in an efficient workflow...


May I ask what you would use the feature for?

Scribus is currently designed to show the document "as it would be printed", so instead of just including a feature to "cram all pages into the same window" it would probably be useful to know the uses to allow people to use Scribus more efficient.


I would like to see the document as a whole, especially its consistency/rythm/harmony from a graphical point of view. Currently, on a 23" screen, it's difficult to see more than 14 or 16 pages in one double pages column (less than 10% zoom for A4 pages); given the width of my screen, I could display ten times more, if they were displayed from left to right, then up-down.

It'll be even better, if it allows to move pages (like slides in Open Office Impress, for example), but that's not my main intent.


[Sidebar: Scribus lets you move pages around using the "Window -> Arrange Pages" palette - but not while you can see their contents, which is what is wanted here.]


Quote from: GarryP on June 04, 2013, 01:42:54 PM
Scribus lets you move pages around using the "Window -> Arrange Pages" palette - but not while you can see their contents,
Yes, I know; but I don't use this function very often, because I have to be sure of the pages numbers I want to move.
I prefer the Page menu  "Déplacer" (guess it is "Move" in the english version) when I need to do some reorganization.

Quote from: GarryP on June 04, 2013, 01:42:54 PMwhich is what is wanted here.]
Correction: what I would like is the ability to see as many pages as possible at the same time on my big screen.
A moving option is not necessary (even if it would be appreciated) as there are already other ways to move pages.