Unable to open Scribus after download

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Carlos Giraldo


I am new downloading open source software into my Macbook pro. I downloaded Scribus, modified the security settings to allow the Scribus installer package, but no icon showed up to allow me into Scribus. I don't know how to access it. I need some help, please.


Hi Carlos.

I don't know if you're new to Macs, or are an expert, or something in between so I'll try and give some advice that anyone can use but please don't take offence if anything I say sounds patronising. It's really not meant that way.

Installed OSX applications don't always - by default - create an icon in the dock, if that's where you're looking for the Scribus icon. They are installed in an Applications folder and you have to tell the dock to keep the icon there when you start using the application.

If you used the package installer - which it sounds like you have in your post - have you looked in your Applications folder? (Open "Finder", then Applications should be on the left somewhere.)
Or what about in your own personal Applications folder (the one within your user profile - "Finder", then your user name on the left, then Applications)? It could have been installed there instead of the "main" one for some reason.

To check that Scribus is installed you can also try this:
* Go to Spotlight (cmd+space).
* Type "scribus" (without the quotes).
* In the Applications section you should see Scribus listed (see attached screenshot).
* If it's listed just click on it.
* If it's not listed then it's probably not installed.
* Once Scribus is running, right-click its icon and go to "Options -> Keep in Dock" to make the application available from the dock at all times.

I'd personally recommend using the DMG instead of the package installer (and that goes for any software, not just Scribus).
That's purely my personal preference - and there are technical reasons why you might want to do otherwise - but using DMGs has always worked for me and it's much simpler - you just drag the Scribus icon to your Applications folder and OSX does the rest (but you still need to make it "keep in dock" too).

I hope some of this helps.


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