Build Scribus without CUPS

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Hi, i'm a new user!

I have a question: i attempt to build Scribus on Haiku, since someone has built Scribus succesfully on Haiku:

I've downloaded the full source of 1.5.0 SVN, and inside the BUILD file i have read that CUPS is listed as recommended and not as requirements. when i do cmake alert me about this:
Could NOT find Cups (missing: CUPS_LIBRARIES CUPS_INCLUDE_DIR) because on Haiku CUPS ain't available (but i have all other dependencies correctly installed) so: there is a way to disable CUPS support? For printing is not a problem, because Haiku has his own printing system.



hi giova,

cups can't be mandatory, since it's not used in windows.

the best is to ask the other guy, how he did succeed :-)

in any case, try to look, how it's done for windows (or eventually also OS X) and you should be able to guess how to do it for haiku... and don't forget to post in here how you did and add a screenshot :-)



Quote from: a.l.e on February 20, 2013, 07:16:01 PM
and don't forget to post in here how you did and add a screenshot :-)

As you suggest to me in the mailing list, i've removed references to CUPS inside Cmakelist files, and in util_printer.cpp i've removed function from line 61. To adjust plugins path i've tweaked the file scpath.cpp according to Haiku paths. And i have defined Haiku "(Q_OS_HAIKU)" inside the fils scclocale.cpp, to fix a compiling issue

The screenshot: