A couple notes about PDF workflow with Scribus

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Astroman Pete

I'm using Scribus to aggregate lots of PDF files into one document.

When I'm loading a large document with lots of embedded PDFs, there is a long delay while Scribus is generating the previews with Ghostscript. Drumming my fingers while this was happening I've been thinking, "This delay is unnecessary. Why can't Scribus cache these previews?". This is more of a feature request than a bug. Is the bug tracker the appropriate place for such a request? It would speed up my workflow a lot, if my files loaded quickly.

This next thing is more of a tip:
Having lots of embedded PDFs, the PDFs exported from Scribus are very large because of duplicate fonts. I've found that using pdftk's compress command remedies this.
This is a tiny program. Could Scribus include it in a manner similar to Ghostscript? It's GPL v2.


Are you editing the pdf files? or just combining a number of them? If you are on Linux, there is a great little program called pdfmod that allows you to combine multiple pdfs, remove pages, etc. Not sure if it would help in your situation.

Astroman Pete

Good news! Scribus will cache the PDF previews it generates in the 1.5 release. Many thanks to the developers.

I refer you to this feature request I posted on the bug tracker earlier today:

Astroman Pete

Sorry I missed your post, LandArch. We're tiling PDFs to make architectural/structural construction documents. I explain it more in the feature request linked in the post above.