PDF pre-flight checks?

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Thanks for this project!!
- I need to know if I can import PDF documents to Scribus, and then automate pre-flight checks for them? (specifically rgb->cmyk conversion, and ensuring that fonts are embedded).
- Are UTF-8 right-to-left languages supported, like Hebrew and Arabic?



hi asaaki,

we discussed about this in irc... but let's answer in here for the archives...

- no, scribus can't preflight your PDF, but does preflight its document before producing the PDFs

- there is no complex script support yet. indic support in the workings (thanks anil!), support for hebrew and arabic depends on volunteers working on it! there is some code to build upon (which has also been used by anil) but also much work still to be done.


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Since you are interested in PDFs and preflight, you may want to check out some of the technologies out there for both. For example, Xxxxxxxx has several very helpful products that support PDF and preflight workflows.

Sorry, I've deleted the name of the product. If you want to reference specific proprietary products, you should at least give some details on why you are praising them (and relate your suggestions to Scribus!).
As is it looked like spam.