Export pdf for printing with bitmap 1bit black and white line art

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I'm working on Scribus 1.4.1 with MacOS 10.7.5. I imported some 1bit black and white line art files saved in tiff with GIMP, at 900dpi.

I created and exported a pdf with Scribus, in "PDF 1.4", with "automatic compression" and "maximum quality". Unfortunately, when I tried printing my pdf, my lines looked a bit dotted and fuzzy on the paper. If I print my tiff files directly from GIMP, the line is perfectly clear.

Is there something wrong or something I forgot to look in my exporting preferences?

Thanks in advance,


hi martin,

you should probably use "no compression" or "zip compression", since automatic will probably convert your images to jpeg...

just guessing, though...



Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, it doesn't change anything. Searching on the web, I found something: it seems that the developers are working on the issue for the version 1.5.

QuoteIn addition to explicit grayscale support listed in the bug above, Scribus should special case 1 bit B&W images. Currently they are always resampled to 8 bit grayscale images, which is wasteful. 1 bit images should always be output in the PDF as 1 bit grayscale images, regardless of output mode (i.e web/grayscale/printer).