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For the first time I am using the security options when generating a PDF for web. However, though I set the options that only the owner (me) can change or copy the content, I can copy anything from the PDF without being prompted for a password.

I've submitted a password only for the owner, not for the user, because as soon as I submit a pw for the user, I will be prompted for a pw as soon as I want to open the file.

It could be that my pw is remembered on my system or stored in the pw key chain (I'm on Mac OS X 10.6.8 running Scribus 1.4.1 with GhostScript).

Maybe someone can test part of the file for me and confirm that the content is password protected?

The PDF is located here:


If the pw protection shouldn't work - how can I set up the PDF export so that nobody can copy the content? Any ideas or hints are welcome!



hi jens

your test file is protected. in adobe reader you can't copy anything – but some pdf readers override password protection (it's not really save!)



Hi Utnik,

thanks for testing my file. So my system must have stored my 'standard' pw in the keychain...

I know that there are even progs and apps to crack PDF passwords, but I just want to avoid that a standard user can just grab my images 'on the fly'.

The Internet turned into a battlefield, carrying the title 'This is WAR'.

Again, thanks a lot, I really enjoy to use Scribus (trashed my InDesign some time ago) and this forum is great!