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Refering to a topic in Beginner's talk I would like to know, if there is a way to embed video files in Scribus via script and exporting the document as a pdf.
I would like to find out if there is an free alternative to Apple's ibook tool iAuthor. Because I think that there are also Android-users that would like to use interactive books.



hi guenzi,

no scribus does not currently support movies.

... and the big question is if it should at all. technically, it might be rather easy to add video frames: but is it something that is really needed?

i've talked about it with a couple of power users,  and -- for now -- the preference goes towards keeping scribus centered on paper production and allowing the export to "digital" formats like epub and let the user further edit the exported files and make them interactive.
this should happen:
- by sharing the same source files with "digital editors",
- being able to easily import content from "digital "ditors",
- export the layout work for further digital editing in third party tools.

very soon, we will start testing an epub exporting plugin, then we will check how far should we go in enhancing scribus for preparing digital works and how much we should relay on the "collaboration" with external third party software.

a question to you: do you really think that interactive books in pdf format are a good idea?



Thank you for your immediate answer. I agree that the primary function of Scribus is DTP. But I also think that times change really fast and reading ebooks is nothing new.
Quote from: a.l.e on September 03, 2012, 03:41:54 PM

a question to you: do you really think that interactive books in pdf format are a good idea?
I don't think that pdf is the right format for interactive books, but I am looking for an alternative to Apple's iAuthor with nearly same functionality (widgets, integrating movies and 3d-objects ....) for free and that is easy to use.
At the moment there is nothing comparable. And that forces Apple's power with all the negative aspects.



hi guenter,

well, the situation is not as easy as it should be...

the only "standard" video format accepted for epub is "AAC LC audio using MP4 container" and as far as i know it's not easy to distribute free software with that format...

on the other side, i'd really like to see scribus do well what it can do... and not do everything but but in a half baked way...
that's the main reason why, i'm trying to create an epub exporter that "only" exports an epub that should be then reworked with an epub editor and give as few options in scribus as possible.

you're welcome to test it (if you can compile the scribus code) and give feedback on the concept!
and you're welcome to provide ideas  on how to improve scribus (or to sigil or another epub editor)!

have a nice evening