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I'm a big user of Blender (as well as Inkscape, GIMP, VLC, Firefox....you get the idea) but I only found out about Scribus recently, as I was trying to include .SVGs into a .PDF and somebody at the Blender forums suggested I get Scribus.

I downloaded it to create a professional looking resume and, after just one or two days of dedicated learning, I feel very comfortable, and my resume has gotten TONS of kudos from others.  The program is very cool, and I've now used it several times. 

So I just wanted to praise and give a HUGE thanks to all of the developers, bug reporters, and people who otherwise contribute to Scribus.  I feel so blessed to have this program, and much more confident in my abilities to draft clean and professional .PDFs. 

Thanks again to all, and God bless!


I would like to second the above.
I have been aware of Scribus for quite some time, just never bothered to familiarize myself with it.  I dual boot between Ubuntu and Win7, and, as a long time Windows user, have been using Windows-based DTP long before my introduction to Linux.  First it was Aldus Pagemaker, then Adobe PM, then InDesign.  Correctly or incorrectly (well, actually, incorrectly) I treated Scribus as a toy to play around with a bit when I wasn't busy doing something else.

This fall, I was sitting next to my adult daughter, doing business related work on my laptop as she was struggling trying to lay out a brochure using some MS Word template.

She is quite computer literate and also runs a dual boot Ubuntu/Win7 setup.

I suggested that she stop wasting her time trying to make Word act like a DTP.  I could have pointed her towards InDesign, but, as my copy is old and it has been years since I even looked at Adobe's policy towards trial versions, etc., and, since I know the purchase of such a package would have been totally unjustified for my daughter, I suggested we both download and install Scribus and make a quick joint-learning project out of her brochure.

My familiarity with DTP provided us with the knowledge of what was possible, so I knew what features to look for, and, between the two of us, we made quick work of navigating the Scribus interface to find those basic DTP features we needed to accomplish her brochure.

Now, both of us are hooked on the program.

Over the years, I have used InDesign (and before that, Pagemaker) to accomplish myriad mundane tasks at the office.  I find DTP to be an excellent means by which to complete forms, etc. (many an IT person has scoffed at my use of these applications for such work - overkill, they say).

Having familiarized myself with Scribus, I have decided (and have implemented) a switch from InDesign to Scribus for all that work at the office.

I actually prefer the Edit text method of making changes to text in a text frame (I know, Adobe's story editor will do the same thing).

Yesterday, I decided to delegate the completion of one class of these forms to one of my employees.

I was able to coach her through the process in roughly 15 minutes.

For the simple stuff, Scribus is really simple.

For the more difficult stuff, Scribus is up to the task, and, most importantly, one gets all of this capability for no cost at all.

My relationship with Scribus seems to have followed a similar route as my experience with the GIMP, also one of those "toy" applications with which I would occasionally play, Photoshop being my serious work choice for photo editing - until one day when I was out of town with a need to edit photos when only a borrowed laptop was available - no photoshop or other editing ap installed.

I was quickly able to download and install GIMP and, from that experience, have never looked back.

I have worked with Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, some other distros just for fun) since the days of version 6.x of Ubuntu.  I meandered into the Linux version out of curiosity during one of those periods when Winxx had become so corrupted and bogged down that I had to strip down the system and re-build the OS.

I consider my experience to be one of privileged bird's-eye view of a system that, while likely most useful to many from the outset, has matured over the years to incorporate most, if not all, of the most desirable of Windows-based features and functioning software absent the weaknesses and annoyances that seem always to have been part of the Windows experience - and all of this improvement at no user cost.

While I have no doubt that I will need Windows for many years to come (likely the remainder of my working career), I am happily typing this message from my Ubuntu browser because navigating the 'net is much safer from within Linux, and, while Win7 is acceptably quick on my Asus G74, Ubuntu is absolutely sprightly and a joy to use.

Sorry to ramble so, but, to second the above, I love Scribus (and so does my daughter)!



I'll third this emotion,

I used Scribus to lay out the programme for my wedding - it turned out beautifully.

Scribus completes the "open-source creative suite" for printed material - inkscape, gimp, scribus...brilliant software, all running on ubuntu!!! (and of course windows and mac...)

Well done, all!!!