can text and image frames snap against each other?

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Hi, I am migrating from InDesign to Scribus and making a DIN A0 poster for a scientific conference. The poster has many text and image frames. I wonder if text and images frames can snap against each other?

Can text frames snap against text frames?
Can text frames snap against image frames?
Can image frames snap against image frames?

If not: how can I position text and image frames snug-fit against each other?


hello mike_tyson

take a look at 'windows' → 'align and distribute' and play with the options...
another possibility is to work with snapping guides ('page' → 'manage guides' and 'page' → 'snap to guides')



Hi mike_tyson
Making an A0 poster, that is wow of a size I would be interested in knowing how you work on such a size.



@utnik: thank you, I tried this but it's too convoluted. what I mean is: let's say there is a text frame. and now I want to make an image frame. and I want to resize the image frame such that it fits exactly snug to the text frame. I guess I can make a guide every time. but that is too many intermediate steps and it prevents me from trying out different versions.

in other words: can Scribus behave like Adobe InDesign, so that frames generally snap-fit to each other on the fly?

If Scribus can *not* do this, that's fine too, but I wonder if someone could explicitly confirm that this is not possible. or if it possible how to get it to behave that way.

@Wena: I work with it just like with an A4 document. When you make a new document, just select DIN A0 (in the upper right corner). To print such a big piece of paper, you need access to a special poster-printer.


hi mike_tyson

afaik this is not possible in scribus. but you could file a feature request at



hi "mike",

you can do what you want with the align and distribute palette.

just choose "Align sides by" -> "Resizing".

and for the good news: a few days ago chelen has implemented item snapping...
so, no need for a feature request! :-)

it will be in the 1.6 release.