Changing the colour of a Grayscale or Bitmap image

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Hi folks,

I've only just started using Scribus, having had some experience with both InDesign and QuarkXpress in the past.

I am trying to perform what I think is a simple task, but cannot for the life of me see how to do it.  I want to apply a colour of my choice to a black and white bitmap tiff image.

I have imported a graphic image as a black and white bitmap.  It appears in the layout as a black image on a white background, as one would expect.

I want to apply a custom colour to this graphic.  I highlight the image, then go to Properties > Colors
Then I click the 'Edit Fill Color Properties' button.
Then I click on the colour I want, from the swatch.

At this point, I would expect to see the graphic change to the colour I've chosen.  But nothing happens.  If I delete the image from the frame, I see that colour filling the empty text box.    The same effect happens when I try Grayscale images.  Overall, it is as if the images are being treated as RGB with colour information included.

The exact same effect happens in InDesign when you accidentally import an RGB or CMYK file, thinking its Grayscale or Bitmap.  So please rest assured I have checked that the files I am importing are Bitmap TIFFs, not RGB, etc.

I've done an extensive search of the forums and the web and don't see any HOWTO or explanation of how to achieve what I think is a trivially simple task.  I apologise if I am missing something obvious, but it would be great to get some pointers on how to get this done.

With many thanks...


hi robert,

the fill color is for the frame and not the image.
in this getting you're getting a colored frame background, which you probably don't see, because your image fills the whoe frame.

the best choice to apply the effect you're looking for is to use a bitmap editor like the gimp...

... but if you really want to apply a coloring filter, select your image and go to item > effects... you will find some neat things in there!

have fun