Scribus v.1.4.8 vs. 1.6.1

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I'm rather unfamiliar with software developments, versions etc., but have used Scribus for years to edit and publish a magazine for a local club/society. My computer/Microsoft ask me repeatedly to install Windows 11. I've refused – so far, just for convenience. I'm most worried that any issues appear for Scribus. As far as I figured out it will run fine on Win 11 – hence no expected problems. So, to the point of this post: I've used Scribus 1.4.8 and realised that Scribus 1.6.1 is available, then the question: Will the "lates and greatest" version - v.1.6.1 open and reads files created with v.1.4.8 without any issues? Hence, is it  just install from here: and "plug-and-play" ...



make back ups
1.6.1 should load the 1.4.8 files just fine but I don't think the revers is true
I would call it more like plug and rabbit hole


hi einar

with scribus 1.5.3 the text layout engine has changed.
scribus 1.6.x may place the text with visible differences to the .pdf output of scribus 1.4.8.