How to quit a running script in Scribus 1.6.1

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I am a long time user of Scribus and I love it to bits.

I have recently changed to 1.6.1 and normally I was able to use ctrl-c inside the console to quit the running script. I used to do this a lot while debugging but for some reason ctrl-c / ctrl-x or ctrl-z are not working inside the console anymore.

Does anyone know how to stop a script in 1.6.1. This functionality was working in 1.5.8.

Thanks for your response and if I need to file an issue in a repo on Github I will hapily do so.




what you mean by "console"?

if you think of the "script > show console", it would indeed be nice to have a stop button in there... but i don't think you could ctrl-c the script there...

if you think of a "terminal" console: on linux i'm used to run "pkill scribus" and kill scribus.

i was not aware (anymore) that in previous version it used to be possible to ctrl-c scribus but, if something has indeed changed, then it might be possible to revert it...
can anybody confirm the regression?



Thanks for getting back to me so quickly :D

When you start Scribus in Console mode (Windows has 2 versions 1 normal and 1 console mode) you will see the console and all logging from Scribus. Which helps already with debugging, because the print statements will also show in the console. I think it's not the console screen under script. I checked and I am running 1.6.2. svn. Will install the latest stable version to see if that helps.

Basically the ctrl-c in the console window (A black one on windows) would generate a script error in Sribus and would let you cancel the ongoing script. Fot instance when I want to check some debugging on a specific python call I could just use a generic loop and then stop the script after the first alert message.

Hope this makes some sense. I will get back after I installed the stable 1.6.1 version





I tried 1.6.1 official and it didn't work

Reverted to 1.5.8. and was able to CTRL-C my script that I ran via Script->Recent Script

Console active ctrl-c and then you get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 11, in <module>
  File "<string>", line 1838, in <module>
  File "<string>", line 1479, in main
  File "", line 22, in somefunction
    scribus.insertHtmlText(self.tempPath, 'Text1')

That's what I was looking for. I hope this can also be fixed in 1.6.1. Also had to revert to another Python version 3.7

I hope it will be fixed so I can use the latest version of Scribus again.

Best regards,