Disabling Digital Signatures in Generated PDFs - Please Help

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Hi All,

  I am attempting to produce a document with text entry fields that can then be printed out and need to disable the option to digitally sign the PDF afterwards in order to force the user to print it out and physically sign it for legal reasons later on in its use.

  I have managed to create the PDF and everything works except the first thing acrobat reader does on opening is advertise the option to digitally sign it.  I have hunted everywhere through the options and menus, scoured the manual and wiki, googled like crazy and searched this form but I am still no closer to working out how this can be accomplished.  Can anyone please help?

  In case this helps make sense of this to anyone I am using Scribus version

  Thanks in advance


I am not sure if Scribus can handle that, some of those PDF features require the use of an encryption key signed by Adobe. They do not sign such keys for free, so it would take a license cost for Scribus to include those features.