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Hello all,

I have been an occasional user of Scribus for OSX for a couple of years and an odd problem has just arisen.

When I open a document, I can't see it. Its window is simply not visible at all. I can call up and see all of the other properties and formatting windows, but whether I open a new or existing document, the document is nowhere to be seen. I'm even asked if I want to save changes on exit, without ever having seen the document.

I upgraded to Scribus 1.4.0 last night, to no avail. Currently running Snow Leopard, 10.6.8.

Reading about issues on this and other forums, there was some mention of the
users>[username]>library>preferences>Scribus folder, and I can't find that either.

Please help - I have documents that I need to access and update!




hi shannon

you're right, usually this problem lies in a wrong definition for the position of the main window.

you can change this definition with a text editor in the file: /Users/'your name'/Library/Preferences/Scribus/scribus140.rc.
search for a line beginning with: <MAINWINDOW
and set the position entries to: YPOS="22" XPOS="10"

save the file and launch scribus – now the window should be visible...



It worked! The line looked like this:
<MAINWINDOW WIDTH="1218" MAXIMIZED="0" HEIGHT="800" YPOS="226" XPOS="1280"/>
and I changed it as you instructed.

Thanks so much!




It seems I have a similar problem. I can't see any opened file and when closing it asks if I want to save the opened file. The file window does not seem to be visible.

I tried to find the file /Users/'your name'/Library/Preferences/Scribus/scribus140.rc to edit as suggested, but cannot fined it there.

My Mac runs 10.9.2.

Thanks for helping out!


hi ros

i'll take a look at it, as soon as i'm on a machine running 10.9.2 – could be tomorrow...
you could search the whole disc for the file. (it might be invisible on 10.9.2.)



hi ros

the file is at the same place, but the library is hidden by default.
open your user folder, go to 'view' → 'view options' (cmd+j) and click 'show library folder'.



Hi Utnik,

Yes, found the file now and made the change and it works again! I should have known about the hidden files.... Anyway.

Initially first time opening a scribes file after I changed this .rc file, it gave an error for the .rc file as Scrbus could not read line 630 or so, but after this it all looks fine and ok.

Thanks a lot! You made my day and even my week!



My main window is hidden as well, and I still cannot get it to show outside expose.

I cannot seem to edit the line in question. I found the line in scribus140.rc document, edited and saved it, but Scribus seems to return it to original every time I open Scribus.

What to do? I also redownloaded scribus, but did not help.

I have a mac. (10.9.5)


lpohjola, try renaming your scribus140.rc file to something like scribus140old.rc

That will force Scribus to re-create the file from its defaults.

You'll lose other preferences you've changed but you should be back up and running.