PDF Import as Vector: NO borders (and no borders in general)

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Using Scribus 1.6.1 on Windows 11, I'm trying to import a PDF using File -> Import -> Get Vector File.
Everything seems to work and the preview looks fine.

However, as soon as I place it on the page, it get's wrong.

On all objects (like texts and images) on the imported PDF, there is a now a border/outline. That is simply not acceptable and it is not acceptable to remove all those borders manually.

So, what can I do to prevent those borders being created?

Furthermore, how can I deactive all borders/outlines for all text frames and images? I.e. if I add a new text frame or images, there should be no border/outline. Tried Preferences->Item Tools, but to absolutely no effect so far.


hi cis

those 'borders' aren't visible in the final document. (as they don't show in preview mode...)
usually every frame is visible in edit mode. in 'view' → 'document' you can switch them off (deselect 'show frames'), but you may have a hard time while editing a document with lots of invisible farmes...