Memory management not perfect?

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I'm currently working on a photobook with 90 pages and a lot of pictures and I really love scribus!
But what I recognized is this: Even if I preview the images in low resolution it seem that scribus keeps the full resolution in RAM.
I have now roundabout 400 pictures (3-10 MP, 2-4MB) in the book.
If I add an additional high resolution picture somewhere in the end, scribus fails to export to pdf because a picture in the first few pages could not be loaded. I guess this is because the RAM is already full. Works again if I delete the high res. picture in the end...
I work with Opensuse 12.1, 3GB RAM and Scribus 1.4.

The workaround to use low resolution pictures during layout also doesn't work, because the error only occurs when trying to export to pdf. And you can't export to pdf before the document is fully loaded!

I guess we have to rework the memory-management somehow. Another possibility would be to set up a function to design a book and then export it per page without loading the entire book first.  Just like a parser from sla to pdf! That might be an easier solution that to rework the whole memory management.

Thanks in advance for all the great work done here!


hi andreas

if it's a memory problem you should try to split the book in two or three parts and reconnect the final pdf with a pdftool (e.g.
if you neither use an automatic generated table of content nor index, you only have to deal with the page numbers – should be worth trying...