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Kyle Willey

I've been having a problem; I'm writing a tabletop game for Game Chef, and I finally got my form fill text boxes to work. Problem is rather than actually filling with what I type, they fill with random characters. Any clue why this is?

In addition to these random characters, I seem to be getting a "font-not-found" square placeholder. Any clues what's going on here?

Attached is the box, and my .sla file as is.

Any fix is appreciated; the game itself is finished and I hope to have the character sheet done in no more than 30 hours.

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Kyle Willey

Solved my own problem by switching to PDF 1.3 format, but I think this is just a workaround.

If possible, I'd like to embed a custom font, and I think the reason it works in 1.3 is that it's using a default one in the Adobe software.


The most important piece of information is missing: What PDF Viewer do you use?

As far as I understand the limitation on whether embedded fonts works in form fields or not lies in the PDF Viewer. I think only most recent versions of Adobe Reader can handle it.

Kyle Willey

I'm using Adobe Reader X (10.1.0), and I've had no issues with most other form-fillable PDF's, only the ones I've exported.

Meho R.

I guess this is the same issue as this one. One user reported that the issue disappeared with Adobe Reader 10.1.1 update, so you might want to give it a try.

Kyle Willey

Ah, leave it to me to have the one version that has issues, and miss the thread about it.

Updating Reader makes it work fine.