Automate the alignment of text frames when changing pages

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After formatting a book using Scribus, I encountered an issue. When I deleted a page, I had to manually re-format all the subsequent pages with the appropriate right and left master pages. This was expected and not a problem. However, I faced the additional challenge of having to realign all the text frames with the page frames.

Since I am not proficient in coding, I am seeking assistance. Is there a way to automate the alignment of text frames when changing pages in Scribus? I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any insights or suggestions regarding this matter.


when you have a double sided document, normally you are supposed to delete pairs of pages at a time... you can't really print 3 pages double sided...

i have been working on something that would help when case the margin are changing with a new master page, but it seems that there are two cases where i have to have a deeper look...


We can detect this and make it smoother I suspect but we would need to consider all subsequent pages and possible page sizes etc


i still think that the right thing to do, is to define "double master pages" and automatically apply the left or right one depending on where the page is.

being a single or double master page would be a property of the master page and double master pages would be displayed as pairs in the editor.

on top of this, it could be useful to optionally offer to move the frames with the margins.
the delete page dialog can detect that a change will happen and enable the corresponding buttons when a odd number of pages gets deleted and there are double pages further on in the document.