variable day, fill space with color and cross to print

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It's still me, I'm finding issue every day. Today I've more question:
Us there a variable with DATE that I can put on the topo of the page?
-I need a orizzontale space, filled with one color, can I do that? or do I have to create a bitmap rectangle colored?
- And finally (for now) I need to print this professionally so I need do insert the little cross to let align the page for different (formerly "marks" I think) but not sure

Thank you



I can answer the last question.

Go to Document setup, select PDF Export and look at the Pre-press tab.


DATE thing, I don't know of any but I have limited knowledge of scribus.

Horizontal space, maybe you could just use a box symbol?

Print professionally, first check with the printing service you plan to use, they will tell what the specs are for the file. You might not need any crop or registration marks. If you do, when I have sent jobs out I use the options in the pdf export dialogs for crop marks, bleeds, colors, font handling, etc..