Formatting table cells .... only half take formatting???

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Very new here ... and although I see tons of promise with Scribus (moving from MS Publisher), this is frustrating me beyond belief ... there are certainly other things but this first.

Using Scribus 1.5.8 & I have a 2-column table with dates and events. I do not want a border around the outside of the entire table BUT I do want lines - cell borders - around each cell. As you can see from the picture I am only able to get it to work around some of the cells.

So ... what am I doing wrong? Did I set something that needs to be re-set or removed ...
Is there a tutorial that will help? I am sure I'm overlooking something easy ... please ... let it be something easy!!  LOL



without knowing what exactly you are doing, my general hint is to avoid tables: they are often a pain to fill and, mostly, don't produce a nice layout.

since in scribus tables are not implemented in a way that makes them pleasant to use (i hope you, you know what an euphemism is...), i would take my hint as an invitation to try other ways to layout your events...

personally, i would go for tabs (tabulators) or, often better, just multiple columns with a vertical flow of events.

of course, without knowing the kind of events you are layouting (and having no idea about the rest of the document), it's not really possible to give your more hints.

just one thing: setting (and removing) borders in table cells used to be a try and error thing... and i doubt that the situation has changed much.
so, trying harder might also be a solution : - (