ISBN barcode -- with the human readable ISBN code above the barcode

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Another forum member had asked a very similar question not so long ago (,4558.0.html)

My question is perhaps more specific:

Is there really not an option to have a single block ISBN barcode (without the 5 digit price block), but with the "human readable ISBN atop of it?

Cause that seems to be the case...

Lots of variations under
"point of sale" and "GS1 data family"...

But none of them has the readable ISBN code above the barcode...

I checked Terry Burtun's page and the available options reference page:

and there is no solution there...
I know, I can just place it there manually :)
But if I mistype it...

So, I don't know what to say...
as I have no question :)

I only wish this could be arranged with Terry Burton...

at github, perhaps?

//  as my OS and stuff: Linux Mint 20.3, Scribus v 1.5.8 (appimage)  //


Terry writes the Scribus barcode plugin. Ask him and see if it's allowed in the barcode specs and he could add it if it's really not possible right now. There are lots of options when creating the barcodes in the UI though.


well, the options are predefined in the script...

I know you know this :)

I mean, the UI can't offer more options than the script...

My intuition is that terry has got soooo many requestS, including the "Aztek Mesas",
and trillions of other areas where they use barcode,
that ISBN has become just a little old project for him... solved ages ago :)



The solution was there, only I didn't realize it...

What we want is the barcode without the second block, without the 5 digit block -- "the 5 digit addon"...

To achieve this, it is NOT the method that need be changed but just the input :) :)
Namely, we have to omit the additional 5 digits from the input sequence.

for example:

Data:    978-1-873671-00-9 54499
Options: includetext guardwhitespace
Encoder: isbn

this will produce the 2 block barcode...

while this:

Data:    978-1-873671-00-9
Options: includetext guardwhitespace
Encoder: isbn

will produce the one block version...
cause there is no additional 5 digits at the end of the input sequence...

ALL is clear!! :)

as explained here:

case closed, I guess :)