Problems with footnote formatting

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I'm grateful to everyone who has contributed to Scribus, and have found it very useful for some self-publishing projects, but I am having real problems using the footnote function (some of these are fairly common I think). Note I'm on 1.5.4 and can't update further due to my OS being High Sierra (which I also can't update).

I foolishly left the default note style with the mark character and note paragraphs both set to default character style. It took me a while to figure out this was why I had to keep reformatting the notes and references to my preferred styles (which I saved in the normal style bank but without attaching them to a note style).

Okay, so alter the default note style. But every time I try I get the beachball of death and it stays there for several hours.

Ok, create a new note style, delete the original notes and redo them using the new note style. But every time I even delete a single footnote Scribus crashes.

Ok, manually apply the preferred reference and footnote text styles to each individual note and reference number. The problem is that I've done this three or four times (seriously, again and again), and while Scribus keeps the note contents in the correct style after saving and reopening, it reverts the reference numbers to the style of the surrounding paragraph they're attached to—every single time.

Any suggestions as to how to proceed to get the reference numbers to stay in the style I want?


Think I have figured out a way to at least delete notes without crashing: if I do it in Story Editor by deleting the @ symbol there, it seems to be able to cope with that, which at least means I can redo the notes over from scratch with properly embedded styles. Probably experienced users already knew this deletion trick!