[Scribus 1.5.8] Same paragraph style displayed differently

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I apologize for my approximative english, I'll do my best to make me understand (if someone speaks french, I'll can explain my problem more precisely).

In the monthly I work in, we publish an agenda of the area's events, in which every date paragraph has a black background colour and white text, like this:

(this is a screen shot of the pdf file from the number of may)

I don't understand why this doesn't work anymore, now the black background is very straitly closed to the text:

(this is a screen shot of the sla file of the number of may, which is wrongly displayed but wasn't as I made it and exported in the above-named pdf file)

The paragraph style didn't change in the meantime. I updated Scribus and upgraded Linux on the computers I use (Mint on the one PC, Ubuntu on another one), don't know if it can be linked to that.

Here the paragraph style settings:

Thank you for your help!


... depending the scribus version you had before and now, you might need to check the "first line offset" section in "text properties" palette.


This appears to be font dependent. Tried it on a document of mine and had an ascender of a character outside of the background color. Try another font and see if the issue persists.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.5
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