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Hi all. I am new to Scribus, but reasonably familiar with InDesign and QuarkXPress. Using Scribus 1.5.8 on macOS Ventura 13.0.1.

I am having trouble with using a right-aligned tab stop in Scribus. The context is a CV/résumé where I'd like the position and company worked on the left, and the dates worked on the right. The text box in question is 150mm wide. This is the *effect* I'd like, mocked up using text boxes:


I can easily do this in InDesign using a right-aligned tab stop (set at 150mm for a 150mm-wide text box):


I can't work out how to do the same in Scribus. I set up the text like this:


Then set the tab stop in paragraph styles like this:


And this is the result:


I can reduce the position of the tab stop, e.g. to 140mm, but can't work out how to achieve the effect I'd like - a date aligned to the right edge of the text box.

Any advice gratefully received.


don't think you can align text to the frame like that
when I tried it the frame had to be just slightly bigger then the what the tab stop was set to, about 1/2 mm or the paragraph would wrap to the next line



OK. Thanks both. So it is a bug and not just me. I've had to hack it and make my text box 152mm wide, manually checking for any words that go further than my desired 150mm margin.


Is it not sufficient to have like 0,2 mm difference between the tab and the margin? I am thinking this has to do with what units Scribus uses internally and a rounding error causing it to think the tab is outside the margin or something like that?

I don't remember what units Scribus uses internally, but I think it is not mm but rather some fraction of points.