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I would love to be able to donate to Scribus development but can't find anywhere to do so on the Scribus website.

How would I go about doing so?


Seriously though. I'd love to hear from the Scribus development team about this. 

Is it because dealing with donations is a pain in the ass when it comes to taxes? Something else? :)


Yeah that's about it. I'm actually pending an answer from an advisor, though don't yet have an appointment. I guess it depends on the donation amount :)


What would you expect the donation to do?

As far as I understand there are currently just a few developers working on Scribus in their free time. That means it's not really money that is missing, it is time.

As long as you do not donate enough for them to leave their jobs and work full time on Scribus, I doubt a donation will do a lot to change this :)

In the past there has been specific development projects that could be sponsored (there have been several Google Summer of Code projects as far as I remember).


The amount of money I have spent on persona lhardware that has almost 100% gone to supporting Scribus over the years is huge. We get donations for website etc hosting but giving money to that entity would help support server maintenance. Sure, a single euro won't go far, but it would add up over time.