how to update path of image without loosing transformations (size, scale, crop)

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I have a .sla document, with images that I have already transformed, resized, cropped, scaled, etc. But after some work, I want to reorganize my folders to make more sense, and fix some mistakes in naming. Of course when I do that, the path to the image changes relatively to the .sla document, as expected, so I found the option "content > get image", to point to the new path, but it doesn't keep the treatment of the image, scale and size and crop...

How can i do that ? Am i stuck with the present folder organization and naming ?? I cannot re-do all the transformations manually, there are too much image frames. Or is there an option that i missed somewhere, about keeping the images transformations ?

thank you all for your help on this forum, and for the creation of this software, it's sometimes not very intuitive, but I'm so glad it exists :)


ok, to answer my own question, with a bad solution, but a solution nonetheless, I found out that the windows content properties contains the informations of the images transformations, at least enough for my situation. So i can write them down on a text file, then change the path, and write them back manually. It's long, but it works. Maybe there is a way to do that automatically ?


I found a better way, still not perfect but it's really more convenient :
- click on the image you want to update
- menu : Extra > Manage Images
- search for the new path
- it updates the images without resetting the modifications you applied :) cool !


Something else to look into is the "collect for output" feature, this will  save the relevant document items into a directory you specify. This may make changes that you want a little easier.
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