Can I change Styles within a single Text Frame?

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Newbie Here.
1 - Can I change Styles within a single Text Frame.. having 2 styles in the same text frame?

2 - Given a text frame with text in it, how do I change the style of the text in that frame to another existing style?

3 - Is there a way to Dock the Styles Menu to the right side of the screen in Scribus?

Thanks for  any help.


1- yes, styles are applied generally by paragraph or direct selection
2- just put the cursor on the paragraph you want to change and in the content proprieties use the drop down for the paragraph style you want. you can also use the story editor to apply styles
3- don't think so, other windows will but that one doesn't seem to like to be docked, if you use enlightenment you can rollup/shade the window park it someplace out of the way or just tape the F4 when you need it