How to edit all text frames (styles)

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Title. I've heard you can do it in the style menu but i don't see anything regarding text frames.


I dont see an option to style a text frame via the styles. Since there is only two options to change the appearance of text frame, border and fill color, this could be managed via a master page.

Did you have some style beyond the color change that you are trying to manage?
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Just want to make all frames borderless, really. Don't have any styles.


now you have me wondering how you got them to default to have a border


had a little luck with tinkering with applying a line style to a text frame


by default it's like this (except the 1.3 pdf part)


those are not text frames but pdf text fields...

this having been said, for text frames you could probably use a small script to do that (you might be able to find one online...), but i'm not sure at all that you can do the same with the pdf text fields.