End of development for Scribus ?

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There has been no news from the development team for a long time. The latest version of Scribus (not stable) is 1.5.8. Do you know if a new version will be released or not? Thank you very much.
See you soon.


rumor is 1.6.0 is coming out any day now and the 1.7.0 has ongoing development


We're making regular commits to our code repository. There are updated builds on sourceforge for Windows and Mac of both 1.5.9.svn and 1.7.0.svn.

1.6.0 is due in the next couple of months - its less about code and more about website, readme files etc.
1.7.0 is going to take some time as it will be partial or complete implementation of the Indigo UI.

Note that "we" is two people, part time. If you have time to assist with anything, we'd love your help.


1.5.8 is almost as stable as it will get. We have a few more fixes in 1.5.9.svn but the next release is 1.6.0. Stable. There's no reason not to use 1.5.8.


QuoteThe most recent Scribus release, 1.5.8, is not stable. Do you know if there will be a new version issued or not?

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I assume that the questions about stable/unstable of Scribus are coming from the information provided on the website where version 1.4.x (2019/03) is promoted as stable and v1.5.x (2022/01) is marked as development (which could be interpreted as unstable).

I've produced a 64 page college yearbook with v1.5.8 and haven't come across any instabilities.
Maybe something could be done on the promotional side, underlining the distinction between development and stability.


Scribus versions use numbering such that stable versions get even numbers (1.2.x, 1.4.x, 1.6.x) and development versions odd (1.3.x, 1.5.x, 1.7.x).

The development version 1.5.x will soon be released as stable version 1.6.x.

The development goes slow because (as Mr B says) there are few developers working and they do it in their own spare time.

The first versions of 1.5.x were indeed unstable, but the longer development goes the more stable they get (that is kind of the purpose with the development versions).


1.4.8 was the last version of 1.4.x. For those that want to build 1.4.x, there are more fixes still in 1.4.9.svn.