Floating Palettes and Gnome 3.x (vs. Cinnamon, KDE, and others)

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First, I want to cite an existing thread on this topic: How do I dock the floating palettes? 1.5.6 by farmerf.

Also, I'd like to point to another individual also having this same issue:

Quote from: geoma on August 17, 2022, 02:29:01 AMThey simply won't dock.... could it be something to do with my WM? I am using swaywm...

Here's what I have found. If you are using Cinnamon or KDE, and probably other DEs but I haven't tried them all out, there is no issue whatsoever getting Scribus to dock floating palettes. Just drag them to the right edge of the Scribus window and *poof!* they will dock. Keep dragging them over there and you'll have a series of tabs at the bottom so you can go directly to the palette in question.

But, in Gnome 3 (I've seen this behavior in at least the 3.4x series) it just won't work. The palettes do not dock, no matter what one does.

Is there any way for users to fix this, or is this some kind of desktop environment-related bug?



Ok, so after a kind suggestion from someone on the TuxDigital Discord group, here's what I've discovered.

If you are in a Wayland Gnome session, the aberrant behavior is exactly as I described above. However, if you log out, then log in in an X.org session, the palettes work exactly as they should (i.e. they are dockable). And if you then log back in in a Wayland session, the docked palettes will remain docked and work just fine. But if you were to close one or grab and move it, then it will no longer be docked and cannot be re-docked unless you log in under an Xorg session first.

So, I am left with the inescapable conclusion that this is not a Gnome 3.x issue so much as it is a Wayland incompatibility.


I have now reported this issue as a bug, and the report number is 16915.