Making A4 pages out of an A3 document

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There is a folded A4 flyer and I made it as an A3 landscape document. When folded, it makes 4 A4 pages.

Sometimes I am asked to mail the flyer instead of sending the printed version physically. For those people it is better to have four A4 pages which can be easily printed on any ordinary printer, if necessary.

So I thought about how to "convert" the A3 landscape page into two A4 pages. Is there a standard way to do this in Scribus, or do I have to find my "best pratice" to achieve it?

What I thought of first was to simply mark everything and copy it into another A4 page. But there are 6 layers, is there a way to copy everything in one go? I would then copy it twice, setting the original content once to the left, once to the right of the A4 page (so the rest hangs over to one or the other side resp.).

Or is there an easier way?

Thanks for all ideas!



hi rolf

there is another way (sort of a hack...)
  • insert one page after page '1' and one at the end of the file (now you have four pages in a3.)
  • go to file' → 'document setup' → 'layout' and change it to 'facing pages' and the first page to a 'left page'
  • switch to file' → 'document setup' → 'general', change the size to 'a4', the orientation to 'portrait' and check the two boxes to apply the changes to all master pages and document pages.

now you have your content on four pages, but the last page is misplaced. for this you could either move the page to the end with 'windows' → 'arrange pages' and change the first page to a 'right page' in 'document setup' – or you might export the file and rearrange the pages with a .pdf handler...



I would look into using a PDF tool to split the PDF.

A quick google search found this page, listing several options.