Need Some Help re. Placement of Images

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I'm having such a difficult time with something that seems as if it should be very easy.

I'm trying to layout a double-sided (poetry) book that contains images - images that go right to the edges of some of the page.  I've got the sizing of the book (117.8x254.0mm) and since the pictures go to the edge of the page, I've made sure to add the appropriate amount of bleed (3.2mm).  So, the size of the layout is 180.8x260mm.

I've inserted all the text and was in the process of adding the images when I hit the issue.

When I add a (full page) image on a right hand page, part of the image can be seen on the left hand page (just a sliver on the right of the page).  If I look in 'preview mode' the sliver isn't there, but when I export to pdf it is.

If I reposition the image so that the sliver dissapears, then it isn't correctly aligned on the right hand page and there's a sliver of white on the left side of the page.

If somebody would be willing to help educate me how to work through this, I would be VERY grateful.  I've read all of the documentation that I can find, and watched loads of videos, but haven't seen this issue (and associated resolution) discussed.


I figured this out!

The problem was (as suspected) all to do with page sizing and bleed and I had setup my document incorrectly.  I had incorrectly done two things:

(1)  Calculated the page size to account for bleed while ALSO adding bleed within document setup.  This effectively meant that the bleed was doubled!  I now know that I should setup the document to the correct page size and add bleed in document setup.  Scribus will then automatically create the correct document size.
(2)  Added bleed ALL AROUND each page.  But, since I was working on a document that was two pages on one page this meant that I was adding bleed into the middle of the page, where it wasn't needed.  I now know that I should NOT add bleed to the inside.  Once I unlocked bleed in setup and removed the inside bleed, everything worked fine.

I hope that this makes sense.  I have no experience of DTP, so I'm probably using completely the wrong terms.  In fact, it's entirely possible that anybody reading this will be scratching their heads and wondering what on earth I'm talking about.

Bottom line, after some experimentation, I fixed my problem.


a work around might be to do the image work in gimp and just stick one image spanning the two pages