PDF Destination Labels

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I build a PDF newsletter with Scribus. I needed to set an external link to a specific location in one of the previous newsletters. The Adobe pages say to use a URL of the form HTTPS://LinkToDocument#Destination where Destination is the destination label attached to the target. After some searching in the Scribus generated PDF with a text editor (do a find for "/Dest") I determined that Scribus creates labels like "LIn" where n is the sequential number of the target link established with the link dialogue "link" option. I added a new link and a new LIn appeared in the regenerated PDF which worked as a location target in the source newsletter PDF. https://www.dupagewoodworkers.org/newsletters/news2022/DPWWnews1022.pdf#LI9 if you want to try it.
So I would like to know if there is an easier way than VI to find out what the link label number is. It would be ideal to have this available in the link dialogue at the time the link is created or retrieved.