a lot errors occured during compile Scribus

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I got the source code of Scribus from Github and Scribus libraries from Sourceforge.net then tried to compile and build Scribus by following aoloe's tutorial(from https://github.com/aoloe/scribus-manual-development/blob/master/content/compiling-with-visual-studio-en.md). The environment I used is Windows 8 64bit in Chinese version with Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition in English,and had installed Qt 5.15.2 with MSVC 2015 64-bit module.I compiled scribus-libs-msvc2019.sln under scribus-1.5.x-libs-msvc2019 folder with no errors(but some warnings),then I compiled Scribus after set the path from SCRIBUS_LIB_ROOT and QT5_DIR to my Scribus libraries path and Qt installed path in Scribus-build-props.props,there was 83 errors with 218 warnings occured.I attach the error list contains all  errors and warnings.I hope someone could help me and sorry for my English.

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