Import PDF as images vs JPEG

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Hi there,

I'm developing leaflets with images on Scribus 1.5.8. I've been sent the images as PDF files so as to maintain quality and resolution. However, if I compare the image imported from a PDF to an image imported from a JPEG you can clearly see that the JPEG is clearer and sharper.

Can anyone advise what is going on here and whether I should import the images from PDFs or JPEGs?

Many thanks!


Are you comparing an exported PDF or are you just comparing the preview shown in Scribus?

As far as I know, for the preview the PDF is rasterized, but when exporting to PDF it is exported as "postscript" (thus vectors).


Hi Nermander,

Thanks for your input. Yes, I'm just talking about the preview/working page in Scribus.

The quality does seem to be better after exporting to PDF. Thus, is any quality lost from the original when it is exported as 'postscript?

In your opinion would you say that it is still better to work with images imported as PDFs rather than JPEGs?

Many thanks.


I am not an expert, but I would say it depends on what kind of images.

For photos I think JPEG or TIFF are the viable options (I don't think a PDF can contain other types of images than JPEG or compressed bitmaps).

For vector images a PDF is likely a better option because it more or less has infinite resolution.


Thanks Nermander. Good to get your thoughts on this. I will stick with PDF.