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I am designing leaflets that are to be printed out as a double sided, landscape, A4. Each side is divided into 3 sections (6 in total). It is easier for me to work as one whole page thus the document si set-up in Scribus is 594mm x 210mm.

When exporting to PDF how do I get the PDF to be two A4 pages? As it stands the PDF is one long page as it is in Scribus. I'm not sure if I need to change the document set-up, the export settings or how it is viewed/printed in Adobe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried everything and have hit a dead end!

Thanks in advance!

hi hamur

you could work with a double sided layout beginning with a left page. the view of your workspace would be the same (594mm×210mm) but it would export as two pages…


Hi Utnik,

Many thanks for getting back to me and for your support. I have tried your suggestion and a couple of things have come up:

1. When starting a new document the document settings you suggest appear to work. However, when exporting to PDF it comes up as two pages but the pages are in portrait rather than landscape! This may be fine from a printing perspective but they also need to be viewed so not great. I can rotate them in Adobe but relying on this for others to view would be problematic.

2. When applying your suggested document set-up to an already existing document (set-up as a single page 594mm x 210mm) it comes up in scribus as a single A4 page (white background). The images and text boxes are still there on the remainder but the backgound to them is grey i.e. not on the page.

Thanks again for your support!

I am working with Scribus 1.5.8

I have never experienced that Scribus rotates the pages during PDF export. My primary guess here is that you are not using PDF export from Scribus, but are "printing to PDF" and the "PDF printer" is set to portrait.

Hi Nermander,

Thanks for your input. Your right. I have just tried it again with a new document set-up as Utnik suggested. It seems to work now. I'm not sure what happened as I was definitely exporting to PDF but, well, it's all working fine now.

I am still unable to adjust the document settings to the work I've already done to achieve this (as mentioned previously in point 2.). Is there away to achieve this? It would save me an awful lot of work. Or alternatively, is it possible to copy layers from one document to another?

Thanks again for the support.


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