Script to insert Wikipedia summary of given article name to Scribus text frame

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Hi Everyone:
I just wrote a simple script that allow you to insert the summary of one article name you given in Wikipedia directly to Scribus text frames. It might be useful for those who need to publish public domain books to Amazon KDP that need a bit of information about one famous author to be put on their pages. You must select one text frame before run this script,once run,it asks you to enter the entry name of given Wikipedia article then click OK,after that it takes a while to fetch the summary of article to the text frame. The result includes the article name,article summary and a line of "Source:Wikipedia".

The script relies on Wikipedia-API library to run. So you need to install this library from pypi. For Windows user, open "Python" directory inside Scribus installation path then hold down Shift plus right click to open the CMD window then type following commands:
python -m pip install wikipedia-api
After press Enter you are able to run this script inside Scribus. You can also put this script to your-scribus-path/share/scripts then restart Scribus you can execute it via Script>Scribus Scripts menu.

Works with Scribus 1.5.8 and Python 3.

It's my first attempt to write a script, also the development of this script are in a early stage. You can modify this script and add more features,also your feedback are welcome.

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