Hyphenation Special Settings

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I've been trying to find some special hyphenation settings with no success.

How could I set up hyphenation in a way that proper nouns don't get hyphenated?

Also, how to avoid hyphenating the last words on the pages, so they don't get divided between 2 pages?

Is there a way to do it (automatically or manually)? Any advice is appreciated.



Thanks for this. I can see how this could work for proper nouns, but I'd imagine that even if I compiled all the last words being hyphenated and getting divided between 2 pages at the moment, as soon as I put them in the list, the whole text would get messed up and new words would get hyphenated the same way (if a word or a lot words are no longer hyphenated this would move the text and end up hyphenating other words).

Any ideas on that regard? I hope all the rambling above made some sense!


I have had a similar situation and have not been able to find a setting that would prevent hyphenation across columns or pages. It would be a very helpful feature.

Other than that, you might just need to go through your document and manually dehyphenate the words at the end of your page.
select word / go to "extras" / "dehyphenate text"
You can also use manual tracking in addition, to spread the words out evenly in that last line and in the next line/first of next page, that will be effected by changing the previous line.
select line / go to "text properties" / "advanced settings" / "manual tracking"

hope that helps and if anyone has a better solution, I'd be happy to know!