Scribus Incompatibility with Photoshop

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I've done some looking and couldn't find anything on this, but I am still sure that I am asking a really dumb question.  If it is dumb, please accept my apologies. 

I downloaded and installed Scribus today, and suddenly Photoshop Elements 5.0 was no longer able to save files.  So I uninstalled Scribus, and Photoshop remained broken.  I'm probably going to need to just uninstall and reinstall Photoshop (hopefully that's it), but why did that happen?  Is there a way to avoid destroying Photoshop while using Scribus?  Thank you!!


I can not think of a way that installation of Scribus could have broken Photoshop, the problem must be something else...

Exactly what happens (or not)? The Save dialog does not even open? You get an error message that the file can not be saved?


the only way scribus could affect the saving capabilities of your PE, is by filling your last few bytes on the hardisk...

so: is your disk full?