Layering Text

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This is probably a really simple problem and I will probably sound like an idiot, but I am trying to layer three text boxes and one of them won't go to the back. I select the item and then choose level, lower to bottom, but it is still showing on top of the other text on the page. Does anyone know why? I am only uing the background layer as I am not sure how to creat new ones. Would that work?


hi emilygee

  • creating new layers is easy: try f6 or 'windows' → 'layers'...
  • usually, textboxes (and other objects) can be arranged in any sequence – if you cann't find the error, you can show me your .sla file...


It should work. Did you try changing the level of all three boxes? And are you sure you are selecting the right box? Name the boxes (if you haven't already) and use the Outline window to select the right one. Are you sure the frame isn't locked in any way?