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Is there some sort of server version of scribus ? My goal is to create a certified pdf with certain joboptions ...

My question is not if it is possible, my question is whether there is something present already or plans  to achieve this ?

Subquestion : Is there an api in java or ruby or whatever to access functionality in scribus via commandline or external command ?

with kind regards,


There are some plans for being able to run scribus from the command line without the GUI, but as far as I know it does not yet work.


hi william,

i plan to work on this between now and the end of spring.

help, support, sandwiches, coffee  or founding are welcome.



on which kind of features you will plan to work on?

I am also interesting on a scribus able to work on a server.


hi sergio

i have two older patch sets laying around which try to change scribus behavior and allow launching scribus from the console.
i could never get them to work, since scribus code has changed to much inbetween or the patches are not 100% complete.

there is also a suggestion to launch scribus in a virtual xserver.

personally, my first goal would be allow the launching of scribus without triggering a GUI, then opening a file and finally creating a PDF.

once this has been achieved, i would look into manipulating the open file through python scripts...

for now, the biggest challenges are:
- how to find a bunch of people who are willing to work on this
- how to keep the work synchronized with the development on 1.5

i think that we should set up a separate repository which we keep in sync with the scribus trunk. also, we should plan the work in a way that it is possible to submit partial patches to the team and get them integrated into the trunk.

if you're serious about this, please get in touch with me by mail ( or, even better, let's start a thread on the scribus-dev mailing list.

despite my promises, i'm quite busy at the moment and i'm not sure that i can spend much time on it... but i'll do what i can!



Hi a.l.e.

Since the scribus file format is xml (correct me if i am wrong) , i was thinking about creating an xml database to group the data in .
From there on i could create something in perl/python for accessing/manipulating data and exporting to pdf or other formats.
a webinterface could be the next option.

i don't know if this is feasible , but what the heck, it's only a suggestion.

with kind regards,


@wgh: something similar has already been done...

but it is a pain to work directly with the xml in the .sla file and every new feature will break your script...

if you want to get involved in a real solution, drop me a line...