Text metrics changing between versions of Scribus

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Hello everyone! I just typeset my first book in Scribus 1.4.8, however I decided to finish it in 1.5.7svn to make use of OpenType features, and I noticed that when opening the file in the 1.5.7 version the text metrics are changing, affecting the number of lines and the page arrangement I worked hard to make to avoid orphans/widows, too spread out lines, to get poetry to divide well across pages etc.. In the 1.5.7 version the text seems to be a little tighter, reducing the total number of lines;is there any way I can make Scribus keep at least roughtly the same text metrics, so I may finish the book without fiddling again page by page?


hi alexandru

since version 1.5.3 scribus has a new text layout engine. i don't think that you can keep your exact typesetting from 1.4.8 while upgrading your project to anything newer than 1.5.3.
if you need the opentype features, you need to take a look at every text frame again...